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Hello! My name is Megan, and this site is simply a collection of food I have made and loved. I live in Oakland, CA with my husband in a teensy tiny apartment with a teensy tiny kitchen that churns out a lot of food (and the occasional fire alarm cooking incident). I love food that is simple, unfussy, soulful…and a little sassy. My favorite things include BACON (clearly), dark chocolate and sea salt, fancy sushi, un-fancy pizza, dangerously high alcohol craft beers, pumpkin pie, hummus, bourbon, and freshly baked bread of any kind.

I love being in the kitchen, but I also work a full-time job to pay “da billz.” I generally need quick, easy, (usually) healthy, and delicious meals for weeknights, but I absolutely love spending time on more involved cooking and baking endeavors on weekends. Here, you’ll find a mix of both quick weeknight dinners and fun weekend indulgences – a snapshot, I’d like to think, of my real life (and hopefully yours too!). I hope you enjoy following my adventures in baking, cooking, and trying fabulous restaurants wherever I go. Please don’t hesitate to comment/ask questions/say hi anytime! 

You can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. And if you like my photography, please check out my galleries on Foodgawker, Tastespotting, and Healthy Aperture

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  1. Hi Megan,

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  2. Hi Megan,

    My name is Sarah and I’m a Community Manager at Chicory (chicoryapp.com), a food tech startup based in NYC that makes home cooking easier than ever.

    I’m contacting you because, from your writing in My Bacon Wrapped Life, I can tell that you’re extremely passionate about not only recipes and food but also about helping people to actually get cooking. We are too.

    Your recipe for italian sausage and pepper pizza looks absolutely delicious! As a pizza lover, I can’t wait to try making this for dinner.

    Chicory is a button that lives beneath each of the recipes on your blog. When a reader clicks it, we magically turn this recipe into a meal that they can get delivered from a local online grocer like Peapod or Fresh Direct.

    Every time a reader orders the ingredients to a recipe on your site you get a commission.

    We already have dozens of awesome blog partners who are helping us get more people into their kitchens and away from the takeout menu.

    Join Chicory to turn the culinary inspiration of your blog into culinary action. (and make some more money while doing it!)

    Please message sarah@chicoryapp.com to learn more about Chicory and how to work with us.


    Community Manager @ Chicory

    p.s. we’re trying to spread the word about Chicory quickly so we’re also working with select bloggers for promoted content. Msg me about this too 🙂

  3. Hi there Megan,
    We absolutely love what you are doing! Your recipes are stellar and beautifully shot, which has inspired us to reach out to you. We are a cookware design outfit called American Skillet Company located in Madison Wisconsin, specializing in American manufactured cast iron state shaped skillets.

    We are always on the search for bloggers such as yourself to feature our pan with a recipe or two. Let me know if you are interested in trying out our Illinois cast iron skillet. Thanks for your incredible work; I look forward to hearing from you.

    Please contact me at liz@americanskilletcompany.com

  4. Hi Megan

    I was asked on the behalf my agency to reach out to you regarding a partnership with chicory. We have a unique opportunity coming up with a few of the brands that we represent wanting to collaborate with influencers to create original recipes including their products and would love to work with you!

    Please reach out to me with your email so we can talk further!
    Best wishes,
    Courtney Walsh
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    AMP Agency


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