Asparagus and Fingerling Potato Flatbread Pizza with Bacon and Blue Cheese Crumbles

Asparagus and Fingerling Potato Flatbread Pizza |

One of my favorite things about having a food blog is the constant inspiration and motivation to make seasonal, fresh veggie-licious food.

And add bacon and cheese to it. In all seasons. Duh.


Restaurant Review: Davanti Enoteca

Restaurant Review: Davanti Enoteca |

It has been way too long since I did one of these. Mostly because we have been literally hibernating all winter and spending most nights drinking beer on our couch. Nobody wants to read a review of that, right? (It was pretty awesome, in case you were wondering.)

But now that it’s starting to get a bit nicer out, I’m definitely going to start these Chi-town restaurant reviews up again. First of all, because they’re fun and (I hope) useful, and second of all, because it gives me an excuse to try lots of new places and take pictures of my food in public! No shame here.


Chocolate-Covered Matzah Toffee with Sea Salt

Chocolate-Covered Matzah Toffee with Sea Salt |

Passover starts a week from tomorrow, and for someone who’s not even Jewish, I’m pretty excited about it.

Growing up in Los Angeles, almost every one of my best friends was Jewish. I’ve partaken in countless Passover seders, Shabbat dinners, and Hanukkah candle-lightings over the years and I find so much to love about Jewish culture and traditions…and FOOD! Many of my favorite comfort foods are rooted in Jewish culture (thank you, Jewish friends’ moms and awesome Jewish delis). Give me matzah ball soup, latkes, or a fresh-baked loaf of challah and it brings me right back home to LA.


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