Bakery-Style Double Chocolate Muffins

bakery-style double chocolate muffins // my bacon-wrapped life

What do you make for your mom for Mother’s Day brunch when your mom is the biggest chocoholic of all time?

Answer: Enormous chocolate-chocolate chunk muffins. Obviously.

I inherited many things from my mama: a big head of curly hair, a love of crossword puzzles, and a healthy appreciation for some serious trashy reality TV. But maybe the biggest thing I got from my mama? Her major chocolate sweet tooth. (Well, my dad has a giant sweet tooth too, so I was kinda done for at birth on that one, but work with me here.) My mom takes a love of chocolate to the extreme – she has no interest in any desserts that DON’T have chocolate. If there’s chocolate anything on the menu, she’s going to be all about it. Which I love, because I know exactly how to make her happy for virtual Mother’s Day brunch!


Foodie Favorites – April 29, 2015

foodie favorites - april 29, 2015 // my bacon-wrapped life

Newest Berkeley food discovery: a Jewish deli with a full bar and craft beer list. A place where I can get pastrami, latkes, and a craft beer on draft?! IS THIS REAL LIFE? Saul’s, I love you.

Hey everybody! How’s your week going? Do you have any plans for the Derby this weekend? Watching the race itself totally stresses me out, but I love hearing all the awesome horse names and having an excuse to drink a serious mint julep (or four). Luckily, I have not one but TWO drank recipes for you this week. Happy Kentucky Derby AND happy almost-Cinco De Mayo! (Uh, what a great week!) Here are this week’s Foodie Favorites.

These chili lime mango margaritas look freakin’ amazing. I would like a pitcher of these and a chair by the pool, please!

I just cannot look at pictures of these salted chocolate chunk cookies and NOT want to run to the kitchen immediately to whip them up. These are happening ASAP – will report back re: “best cookie ever” status!!


Stovetop White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Peas and Parmesan

stovetop white cheddar mac and cheese with peas and parmesan // my bacon-wrapped life

I’m slowly re-learning that the weird thing about living in a place with no real seasons is that my food cravings are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

When I lived in Chicago, I very much craved seasonal dishes – warm roast-y vegetables and apple everything in the fall; hearty soups and chili and creamy pasta in the winter; fresh, green, and satisfyingly light dishes in the spring; tons of fresh fruit and BBQ staples in the summer. Here in California, not only is there basically none of the temperature changes that typically accompany changing seasons, but there is also incredible produce available literally all year around. Here, there’s no OMG factor when you see the strawberries or avocados you’ve been waiting all year for. Not to sound ungrateful – most of the time, it’s AWESOME – but without these typical signals, my body is craving all sorts of random things all the time. And let’s be real – I’m pretty much always craving macaroni and cheese.


The Ultimate Bacon Burger with Goat Cheese, Fig Jam, and Spicy Porter Mustard

the ultimate bacon burger with goat cheese, fig jam, and spicy porter mustard // my bacon-wrapped life

Guys, it’s been too long since we REALLY did it up with bacon.

I mean, sure, we’ve had some bacon. We’ve eaten lots of ham. Bacon consumption is surely not down in my life in general. But it’s been way too long since we really went whole hog (pun 100% intended) and made a whole meal dedicated to highlighting our beloved bacon.


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