Coconut Oil Banana Bread

coconut oil banana bread // my bacon-wrapped life

Do you ever see a recipe (in a cookbook, online, on a menu, wherever) and you just absolutely have to drop everything and make it RIGHT THEN?

This is a result of one of those moments.

OK fine, I saw this beauty a few weeks ago, but this was the very first opportunity I had to bake something, so for me, that’s a pretty darn quick turn-around. As a food blogger, I have a looooong list of recipe ideas and a significant backlog of things I want to make. But I wasn’t feeling inspired for my post this week until I started thinking about exactly what I really wanted to eat. I was craving something cozy and sweet but not overly indulgent, something that I wouldn’t feel terrible about eating (especially before the pending Thanksgiving onslaught) but also would satisfy me and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside the way really only a fantastic baked treat can. I wanted this coconut oil banana bread and, backlog be damned, I was going to make it!


Foodie Favorites – November 19, 2015

foodie favorites - november 19, 2015 // my bacon-wrapped life

Wedding registering (!!!!) requires healthy sustenance (and booze).

Hey everyone! Are you in the full-blown Thanksgiving spirit yet? Even though Thanksgiving totally crept up on me this year, I could not be more excited and am eagerly counting down the days until next week. My mom and I are making these bacon roasted sweet potatoes, my all-time favorite pretzel bread stuffing, my future mother-in-law’s broccoli casserole, and pumpkin pie – so we should certainly have our work cut out for us! Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite days of the year, and I definitely feel like I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Let’s dive into the holiday spirit with this week’s Foodie Favorites!

Another incredible stuffing – this fig, herb, and sausage stuffing looks to-die-for. I absolutely love the idea of adding figs – what a perfect naturally sweet touch!

These salted chocolate pecan pie bars are calling to me. I never end up eating pecan pie on Thanksgiving because I love pumpkin pie and often find pecan pie a bit too much after such a big meal. These cute little bars look like the perfect compromise – so I can have my pumpkin pie and eat my pecan pie bars, too!


Easy Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cinnamon Rolls

easy dark chocolate pistachio cinnamon rolls // my bacon-wrapped life

You know what the most overlooked part of Thanksgiving is?

That’d be Turkey Day breakfast. Talk about getting no love!

I know some people are in the “starve yourself all day to make more room for dinner camp”, and I could not disagree more. I am strongly in the hearty-breakfast camp. We need our energy for turkey-basting and stuffing-making and pie-baking! Also, let’s be real – if I don’t eat breakfast, I’m going to be a total hangry mess, and nobody wants that, right?


Sweet and Spicy Bacon Brussels Sprouts

sweet and spicy bacon brussels sprouts // my bacon-wrapped life

It’s officially November, and you know what that means….


I can barely contain my Thanksgiving excitement until the calendar flips over to November. It’s just the best, smushiest holiday ever and I love all Thanksgiving food so much. (Besides cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce can go.) I look forward to our family’s Thanksgiving literally all year, so by the time November comes around, I already have visions of stuffing and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie dancing in my head. It’s a tad embarrassing, but I don’t care – I know I have some Thanksgiving-dork soulmates out there, right?


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