Foodie Favorites – May 27, 2015

foodie favorites - may 27, 2015 // my bacon-wrapped life

Finally got around to trying Philz Coffee in Berkeley (and yes, it was awesome!)

Hello everyone! How was your Memorial Day weekend? As much as I looooove 3 day weekends, coming back to work and errands and real life after them is always so tough! Our weekend was (happily) incredibly lazy but (sadly) mostly spent inside due to some June gloom-y weather here in the Bay Area. But I wasn’t complaining – I did a ton of cooking, cleaning, and reading, so I was a happy girl. (Please ignore how old-lady that sentence sounded.) Let’s ease back into real life with some Foodie Favorites!

These peanut butter gooey bars basically made my eyes bulge out of my head. Throw sweetened condensed milk on anything and I am there!

This strawberry cookies and cream cake is so rustic and beautiful and HELLO cookies and cream?! I’m in love!


Mini Strawberry Mascarpone Tarts

mini strawberry mascarpone tarts // my bacon-wrapped life

…Because it’s a three-day weekend. Because strawberries are here, and they are glorious. Because it’s the unofficial start of summer, and summer isn’t officially official without some decadent, buttery, fruity dessert.

Also because: do we really need an excuse to eat mini strawberry mascarpone tarts with a buttery graham cracker crust and tons of fresh mint on top?

No, no we do not, my friends.


Salted Bourbon Dulce De Leche No-Churn Ice Cream

salted bourbon dulce de leche no-churn ice cream // my bacon-wrapped life

…Also known as the longest recipe title of all time. Also (and more importantly) known as the coolest ice-cream-without-an-ice-cream-maker trick EVER, and my new favorite thing.

I’ve been dying to try a no-churn ice cream for, I dunno, FOREVER. An ice cream maker is just one of those specialty appliances that doesn’t make the cut in my teeny-tiny kitchen. And I know a lot of you feel the same way. But that doesn’t mean we should be denied the incredibleness that is homemade ice cream in the summertime, right?! This is an issue I feel strongly impassioned about. Homemade ice cream for the people!


Foodie Favorites – May 13, 2015

foodie favorites - may 13, 2015 // my bacon-wrapped life

Chips and guac and lots of Mexican food at Comal to celebrate my future sister-in-law’s new job! Not pictured: more margaritas than generally advisable.

Hey everyone! How’s your week going? We are in for a very exciting weekend – my future sister-in-law Tara is graduating from UC Berkeley so we have the whole family in from out of town and are planning on doing lots of eating and drinking to celebrate! I hope you’re enjoying warm weather and spring-y celebrations wherever you are, too. Here are this week’s Foodie Favorites!

This chocolate peanut butter pretzel tart looks like sweet-and-salty dessert heaven. I love this idea!

Two thumbs-up to this super simple 3-ingredient grilled chicken recipe. What a good recipe to add to the weeknight repertoire!


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