Buttery Shortbread Apple Pie Bars

buttery shortbread apple pie bars // my bacon-wrapped life

Well, we’re right in the thick of it, aren’t we? No matter how busy it always is, December is forever my favorite month of the year. Between holiday parties, birthdays (it’s both Brad + my birthday month!), gift shopping, decorating, and holiday baking galore, it’s pretty much an entire month full of things that I love. And, of course, the baking just might be my very favorite part (well, besides all the wine).


Spicy Roasted Pumpkin with Feta

spicy roasted pumpkin with feta // my bacon-wrapped life

Can someone please explain to me how we’re almost halfway through November?! Time has been flying and Thanksgiving has completely crept up on me this year. It’s my absolute favorite holiday and I am counting down the days until lots of fam time and pumpkin pie!

Speaking of pumpkin, I’m popping in real quick with a non-traditional idea for your Thanskgiving (or Friendsgiving) feast: spicy roasted pumpkin with feta. This recipe is a tribute to one of my favorite unexpected things about Australia that we discovered on our honeymoon last year – all of the savory pumpkin! Here in the U.S., I pretty much exclusively see pumpkin in sweet dishes, but in Australia, it was on menus everywhere roasted as a delicious side dish and I completely fell in love. It was summer when we were there, so it definitely felt a little weird eating so much pumpkin, but I loved it and couldn’t resist ordering it pretty much whenever I saw it on the menu. It’s really just a less sweet squash, perfect for a cozy seasonal side that’s packed with flavor and a little unexpected.


Tahini Coffee Cake

tahini coffee cake // my bacon-wrapped lifeGuys. Meet my new favorite thing.


Have you completely fallen in love with tahini yet? I say yet because I’m convinced that once you try it, you can’t help but become completely obsessed. Over the past few years, tahini has become one of my very favorite savory ingredients (see here and here for some of my still-favorite ways to use it, not to mention every hummus ever). But it wasn’t until I put tahini in my banana bread that I fully appreciated its depth and complexity. Guys, tahini in baked goods is SO GOOD. It’s truly that next-level ingredient that adds this super unique, salty twist to sweets – my absolute weakness. (By the way, that banana bread is still my all-time favorite ever – I definitely owe you guys that recipe soon!).


The BEST Self-Guided Beer Tour of Munich!

the best self-guided beer tour of munich // my bacon-wrapped life

Last time we went to Munich, we were there for Oktoberfest, which is something I’d highly recommend to any beer lover (or pretty much anyone, to be honest) to go to at least once. This time around though, we decided to skip the crowds and hefty price tags and went a little before the festival started – which meant we had to DIY our beer drinking experience. My father-in-law Merle mapped out six of the classic Munich brauhauses (beer halls) and we embarked on an aggressive plan to visit all six in one day!

Fortunately, due to eating a meal or snack at almost every stop, we all made it out very much alive and had the BEST time. I wanted to share our self-guided beer tour because I thought it was the most amazing way to sample all the various classic beers Munich has to offer in one day, and it was also an incredible way to see the city! Plus, as you’ll see below, each of the different brauhauses had such a different vibe and were all so unique and fun. Read on for all the details for the best self-guided beer tour of Munich (and check out my handy dandy map guide below)!