Baked Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

baked apple cinnamon breakfast quinoa // my bacon-wrapped life

It totally feels like Fall now, right? I mean, it IS officially Fall. We can’t deny it anymore. And I am embracing the cozy vibes in full force and lo-ving it.

Let’s be real here. Is there anything better than a warm and comforting breakfast on a cold day? Absolutely positively not, you say! BUT what if I told you this hearty and cinnamon-y and warm-feelings-to-your-toes-y breakfast is super duper good for you, too? And filled with fruit and whole grains and enough protein to fill you up for hours? Now that wins the coziness contest every day.


Foodie Favorites – September 24, 2014

foodie favorites - september 24, 2014 // my bacon-wrapped lifeIn the final week of my “Oktoberfest training”!

Hey everyone! I cannot believe I’m saying this, but after over a year of planning, it’s finally time for our big trip to Germany to visit Brad’s parents and go to Oktoberfest! We leave this Friday for a whole week of vacay. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, and I absolutely am giddy with the idea of a whole week of bratwursts, German beer, castle sight-seeing, and family time. Don’t worry, though – I have two posts planned for next week, so barring any internet issues, I’ll be right here the whole time! No promises whether it’s before or after a few beers, though… :D

On to this week’s Foodie Favorites!


Bacon Beer Cheese Dip

bacon beer cheese dip // my bacon-wrapped life

I’m gonna go ahead and say what I know you’re all thinking.

It’s something along the lines of, “Seriously Meg, we’re THREE WEEKS into football season and you haven’t even made ONE game day-themed recipe?!” I know, I know. I’ve failed you as a food blogger. I’ve been so distracted lately by bacon fried rice and pumpkin everything that I haven’t even paid tribute to one of the greatest parts of Fall, the Great American Pastime: stuffing your face with creamy cheesy things in the middle of the day every Sunday watching football!

Luckily, I think I’ve made up for being a little late to the game (pun totally intended) today. Because I have three little words for you:

bacon + beer + cheese

I mean…it’s all 3 major football food groups, people. We can’t get any better than this.


Foodie Favorites – September 17, 2014

foodie favorites - september 17, 2014 // my bacon-wrapped life

 It’s official – the apples have landed!

Hey everyone – Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the Fall baking bug pretty hard. I’m dreaming of apples and pears and pumpkin and homey cinnamon-y smells coming from my oven. I hope you’re on board, because THREE of my links this week are apple-based. Let’s get into it! Here are this week’s Foodie Favorites.

These cinnamon sugar apple muffins are straight up calling to me. Apple makes baked goods so sweet and moist, and that cinnamon sugar crumble topping situation has my name written all over it. Sooo good.

This rosemary-polenta pumpkin coffeecake is so gorgeous, and I’m loving the unique combination of flavors. Who would think to make coffeecake with polenta? I love it!


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