Foodie Favorites – October 22, 2014

foodie favorites - october 22, 2014 // my bacon-wrapped life

Decorative gourd season is here in full swing, and I am lo-ving it!

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed last week’s roundup of German food + beer pics in lieu of Foodie Favorites. Now we’re back in action with a ton of links! 

Have you seen this pizza cake? The classy side of me is like “GET A GRIP” and the trashy side of me is like “MUST MAKE THIS IMMEDIATELY”. It’s Jekyll and Hyde in here, I tell ya.

This bacon butternut squash and Brussels sprouts mac n’ cheese is basically all my favorite things in one. My two favorite veggies in the world + cheese + pasta + buttery Ritz cracker topping + BACON? I’m soooo in love.


Homemade Pretzel Candies

homemade pretzel candies // my bacon-wrapped life

This is exactly the thing I would make for trick-or-treaters if I lived in the good old days when kids were allowed to eat homemade candy and other unpackaged goodies, back when you didn’t have to throw away all the pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies that kindly old ladies baked thinking they were doing something nice. There must have been a time like that, right? Before anthrax and serial killers?

Never thought I would talk about anthrax OR serial killers on my food blog, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.


Restaurant Reviews: Munich, Germany

restaurant reviews - munich, germany // my bacon-wrapped life

Cheese spaetzle at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. O-M-G.

OK, I’m not going to lie. Calling this post a “restaurant review” is a wee bit of a stretch. Can I just call it “lots of pictures of German food and also humans drinking beer” and we can call it a day?

Here’s the thing about German food: it’s soooo good but also very similar everywhere you go. So I can’t be like “THIS ONE PLACE has the best bratwurst and THIS ONE PLACE has the best spaetzle” because after just a week, I am nowhere near the authority on that. So let’s just love up on in the cuisine in general and relive vacation goodness! Aaaaaaand go.


Bacon Butternut Squash Risotto

bacon butternut squash risotto // my bacon-wrapped life

So a couple of weeks ago I was looking through the archives of this here food blog and it struck me that I haven’t made a pasta recipe in over a year. Not a single solitary carb-a-licious one.  This is obviously completely NOT indicative of how much time I spend eating/thinking about/dreaming about pasta. You know that, right? We know each other better than that? Just making sure here.


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