Foodie Favorites – November 19, 2014

foodie favorites - november 19, 2014 // my bacon-wrapped life

Healthy recipe testing for those post-Thanksgiving I-can’t-eat-any-more-pie days!

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I am SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving! We are heading home for a full 5 days, and I am absolutely giddy about it. Not only do we get to see my family (and my dog), but also I am certainly not complaining about a small break from Chi-beria. After 2 weeks of bitter cold, I’m ready for winter to be over already! (Well. Maybe after Christmas.) Anyways, on to Foodie Favorites!


Sausage and Apple Pretzel Bread Stuffing

sausage and apple pretzel bread stuffing // my bacon-wrapped lifeAnother day, another pork-based Thanksgiving recipe. What can I say? It just makes everything better. I know you understand.

Last week we went a little non-traditional with some pancetta mac n’ cheese and it was seriously delicious. This week’s Thanksgiving side is definitely more traditional – a sausage and apple stuffing with all the fixin’s – with one critical sassy twist: PRETZEL BREAD. And guys, it’s so, so good. I can never go back.


Foodie Favorites – November 13, 2014

foodie favorites - november 13, 2014 // my bacon-wrapped life

My favorite sandwich in the entire world – the California Dreamin’ from Bat 17

Hi everyone! How’s your week going? Are you already planning out your Thanksgiving menus, too? If you need any ideas, may I suggest pumpkin pie? Or the best broccoli casserole ever? Or some homemade dinner rolls? Or pancetta mac n’ cheese perhaps? OK I’ll stop. I’m just so excited! My mom and I have finalized our menu and I’ll be putting together a shopping list this week. I’ll make sure to share with you what I’m planning on making in next week’s round-up. On to Foodie Favorites!


Skillet Baked Pancetta Macaroni and Cheese

skillet baked pancetta macaroni and cheese // my bacon-wrapped life

I have an important question for you: how do you feel about mac n’ cheese at Thanksgiving?

Personally, I’m all for a little Thanksgiving adventurousness and like to try at least a few new recipes each year. And if that adventurousness involves pasta, cheese, and big hunks of meaty Italian bacon, I’m even more on-board. But I know many, many Thanksgiving purists too, and that’s totally cool! If you’re in the traditional turkey/gravy/stuffing/mashed potatoes/sweet potato casserole no-weird-stuff-no-way-no-how camp, stick around because I have an awesome classic Turkey day side recipe comin’ atcha next week, so just hold tight up in here.


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