A little introduction

So, as it turns out, a first blog post is pretty hard to write. You probably know me, and I probably know you, so you know that I spend quite a large part of my waking hours thinking about food, perusing food blogs for delicious recipes I can’t wait to try, scrutinizing the archives of foodnetwork.com, and, of course, actually cooking and baking. I started this blog because I realized if I spent even a fraction of the time that I spend THINKING about food instead focusing on documenting all the things I do cook, eat, and love, I’d be a much more productive and happier human.  I love the idea of keeping a record of recipes and sharing it with people who are looking for everyday inspiration, as I have found with so many blogs. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I strongly believe that food is an integral part of life, love, and happiness. When I think about defining moments of my life, they all feature food prominently, a constant by which I remember the wonderful things that define who I am and the experiences I’ve shared with the people I care about most.