Macaroni and Cheese with Smoked Gouda and Spinach


I’m all about eating healthy most of the time, and practicing moderation and all that. Kale, edamame, hummus, whole wheat bread – this is all my jam. Weird diet products that you can’t pronounce or anything with the words “low carb” in the title? Not my thing. My philosophy on eating healthy goes something like this: adding wholesome stuff that tastes delicious = good. Using weird “health” products that taste like chemicals with ingredients you can’t pronounce = bad. I’m all about eating your greens and antioxidants, but if it doesn’t taste good, I can’t get on board. And enough with the chemical fake sugar, people!! Sugar is totally cool.


Bourbon Banana Bread



Sometimes, I love living in a studio apartment. These times include:

1)   When I’m vacuuming

2)   When I’m writing my rent check

3)   When I’m baking banana bread

Sometimes, not so much. Like when we realize we can have approximately one friend over at a time before everyone starts experiencing mild claustrophobia.  Or when a NBA game AND Keeping Up with the Kardashians are on at the same time, leading to a passive-aggressive remote control battle. But anyways, back to banana bread.


A little introduction

So, as it turns out, a first blog post is pretty hard to write. You probably know me, and I probably know you, so you know that I spend quite a large part of my waking hours thinking about food, perusing food blogs for delicious recipes I can’t wait to try, scrutinizing the archives of, and, of course, actually cooking and baking. I started this blog because I realized if I spent even a fraction of the time that I spend THINKING about food instead focusing on documenting all the things I do cook, eat, and love, I’d be a much more productive and happier human.  I love the idea of keeping a record of recipes and sharing it with people who are looking for everyday inspiration, as I have found with so many blogs. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I strongly believe that food is an integral part of life, love, and happiness. When I think about defining moments of my life, they all feature food prominently, a constant by which I remember the wonderful things that define who I am and the experiences I’ve shared with the people I care about most.