Prosciutto-Wrapped Salmon with Corn and Poblano Succotash


As a long-time vegetarian, cooking meat of any kind is definitely something I still don’t feel totally 100% comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong – I love pretty much every kind of meat, and am constantly bookmarking, Pinning, and otherwise saving meat-based recipes. I totally understand the homey appeal of a roasted chicken, the ease of throwing some steak on the grill for a quick dinner. But when it comes down to it, I’m just not that pumped about removing the skin from a piece of fish or getting all up close and personal with some raw chicken. I do it, because I love the end result, but there’s definitely that ew-gross-squeam factor there.


Banana Chocolate-Chip Pancakes


I’m a big believer in Sunday Funday, whether that means a mimosa or two over a leisurely brunch with friends, watching football all day over a giant bowl of guac, or just simply taking a few hours to watch all that trashy TV on your DVR without, you know, feeling guilty about it. Lately, our Sundays have been seemingly filled with errands/to-do’s/things that make it feel like NOT the weekend. And now that I don’t have Game of Thrones to look forward to on Sunday nights anymore (I’m a nerd, I know) I’ve been craving that little fun-day back in my Sunday. Enter: banana chocolate-chip pancakes.


Breakfast Pizza


Growing up, one of my favorite meals was breakfast for dinner, or as us super-cool kids called it, “b for d.” All my mom (or dad!) would have to do is scramble up some eggs, whip up some toast, and we’d be the happiest campers in the world. B for d still remains a staple in our weekly dinner rotation, and I absolutely love the idea of jazzing it up a little bit. Enter: breakfast pizza. This is a super fancy-pants b for d. It’s also a combination of so many things I love: pizza, crispy bacon, cheesy goodness, and runny eggs.


Restaurant review: Perennial Virant


Last weekend, Brad and I and a friend went to Perennial Virant, a cute little restaurant that is right up the street from us and, shockingly, we’ve never made it around to. Not only does the food always look delicious, but the head chef, Paul Virant, was awarded Food and Wine’s Best New Chef award in 2007 AND has been on Iron Chef America (vs. Morimoto, the coolest dude, no less). Again, why haven’t we been there yet? Finally, after the billionth time I’ve walked by during weekend brunch hours and been overcome with immense food envy, I decided the time had come to try it.