Dark Chocolate Strawberry Banana Bread

dark chocolate strawberry banana bread // my bacon-wrapped life

To me, a house just isn’t a home until you’ve baked a loaf of banana bread in it.

Banana bread was the very first post I ever did for a reason – it is, hands-down, my favorite baked treat to make. It’s incredibly forgiving and requires only one bowl to throw together; it’s so cozy, comforting, and just always hits the spot. I have many versions of banana bread here on my site, but there’s always room for one more, right?! A new banana bread for our lovely new home!


Tropical Toasted Coconut Stovetop Granola

tropical toasted coconut stovetop granola // my bacon-wrapped life

As anyone who’s followed along with this here blog over the past few years knows, I never, ever get sick of new homemade granola recipes. And this tropical toasted coconut stovetop granola just happens to be my new favorite!

First things first: despite it’s traditional sheet pan appearances, this really is a stovetop granola. No baking. Comes together in a flash. All that good stuff. I just spread it out on a sheet pan to cluster (critical step) and then took all my pictures on it and realized how silly and confusing that was. WHOOPS.


Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

almond flour chocolate chip cookies // my bacon-wrapped life

You know what is, hands-down, the best part of moving?

The built-in excuse to “use up” all the ingredients in your refrigerator!

I absolutely hate wasting food, so I’m feeling fortunate that we’re moving close enough that I can actually bring all of our pantry ingredients with us. But the fridge? Everything’s gotta go! Most of the things in our fridge are pretty straightforward (eggs, butter, milk, etc.) but I had the majority of a bag of almond meal in there from these bad boys and just couldn’t bear to let it go to waste (that shit is expensive, yo). Enter: almond flour chocolate chip cookies!!