Restaurant Reviews: Sydney, Australia

restaurant reviews: sydney, australia // my bacon-wrapped life

Well hi there! I can’t believe it’s been almost a MONTH since our incredible honeymoon to Australia – January has been a combination of crazy busy (work/LIFE), terribly sick (both Brad and I got gnarly colds, ugh), and super fun (ski trip to Tahoe last weekend!). Between all the excitement and nose-blowing, this is the first chance I’ve had to properly get all my food-thoughts together. But I couldn’t skip at least TRYING to do the incredible city of Sydney justice here. We ate and drank way too many amazing things to let that happen!

While we had two incredibly delicious fancy dinners while we were there (at Café Sydney and Aria – both of which I would definitely recommend), Brad and I both agreed that our favorite meals of the trip were actually the breakfasts and lunches! Which worked out nicely with my ability to take pictures :). We also cooked a few times and had some amazing shrimp from the Sydney fish market, but these were my favorite Sydney eats!


Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

brown butter cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting // my bacon-wrapped life

Happy December! We’re officially smack dab in the middle of the happiest, coziest, most butter-and-sugar-filled month of the year – and I couldn’t be happier about it. Although I’ll always miss living somewhere that snows during the holidays, the weather in the Bay Area has been semi-cooperating with lots of rain and gloomy days, so I’m feeling fully in the cuddly Christmas spirit!


Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus

roasted butternut squash hummus // my bacon-wrapped life

Whew. What a week, huh?

I never talk about politics, or anything too heavy really, in this space because I truly don’t think that’s what it’s for. This is supposed to be a happy place, where we can all come together and celebrate the amazingness that is butter and sugar and bread and bacon. I would never want a single person to come to my blog to check out a recipe or learn a new food trick, and find themselves feeling uncomfortable or alienated by anything I write here. But I think we can safely say this week was hard, disappointing, and aggressively eye opening, no matter what side of the aisle we’re on, right?

So while I won’t ever get overly political, I also don’t believe in pretending everything is happy-go-lucky when there are really serious, devastatingly divisive issues facing this country right now and I think everyone is feeling a little wonky this week. I strongly believe that education is the first step towards understanding and discussion, so personally, I’ve been reading every article I can get my hands on and am planning on working through this list to learn everything I can about what happened and what’s next for our country. And I can honestly say that I’ve never looked forward to Thanksgiving more than I am this year. I think we all need a day of eating, drinking, and holding the people we love most really, really tight right about now!


Sweet + Salty Candy Bar Blondies

sweet and salty candy bar blondies // my bacon-wrapped life

What’s the only thing better than candy on Halloween?

That would be candy inside of blondies on Halloween, of course!

I love making fun, festive treats for basically any holiday, and Halloween is no exception. While it’s always the best excuse to eat copious amounts of candy straight-up, I always have fun finding new ways to fancy up the Halloween treats situation around here. And to me, the highest calling of your excess-Halloween-candy stash is baking it into something rich, buttery, and truly more than the sum of its cookie + candy parts.